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The first section (SS1 and SS2) leader was a crew from Kazakhstan - Petr Borodin and Vadim Lemehov driving a Subaru Impreza, who ended up to be 10 seconds ahead of the Audi of Evgeny Novikov and Inessa Tushkanova and 19 seconds ahead of the Velme brothers (it should be mentioned, however, that the ‘old’ Audis showed a great pace yet during the Friday shakedown). Unluckily, following the short SS1 Jari Latvala was forced to retire with a broken transmission and in the end was not able to try the bicycle road, as the Finnish team missed the Friday shakedown. After the second stage another quick car retired - Dmitry Korolev and Maris Neiksans at the wheel of Ford Fiesta R5, who have been counted as one of the strongest contenders.


The star of the section two was also Borodin-Lemehov crew, growing their advantage to more than a minute by the end of day. However, both of his closest rivals suffered from problems. Just like a year back, Evgeny Novikov had to retire because of the technical issues: gearbox failure this time (maybe the organisers should do something with starting number 2, as the cars marked with 2 retire for a third year in a row). Ivars Velme, getting to second overall and first in class, had to drop his pace drastically during the final special stage following the puncture bringing him down to 17th overall.


‘We’ve made three laps, only a kilometer was left and I felt like the wheel came off, so we had to stop. It turned out to be a puncture, so we continued at the very low pace to the finish.’


All podium places went to Subaru drivers. Alexander Vasiliev and Stanislava Drozdova were second, Ivan Lavrinenko and Vladimir Shatalov became third fastest. The quickest crew with a non-Subaru car were Lithuanians Dovilas Ciutele and Justas Barysas at the wheel of a Lada 2105 VFTS, who were fifth overall in the end.

Event: 2017 Rally Masters Show

Date: 21-22 April 2017

Location: Krylatskoe Hills, Moscow, Russia

Distance: 49.28 km, special stages - 33.94 km (69%)

Surface: tarmac


Special stages:

SS1 - Canoe Channel 1                     0.73 km, tarmac

SS2 - Olympic Bicycle Road 1          16.97 km, tarmac

SS3 - Canoe Channel 2                     0.73 km, tarmac

SS4 - Olympic Bicycle Road 2          16.97 km, tarmac


Categories: Overall, N4, R10, R11, R12

Number of participants: 44 (Overall - 4, N4 - 11, R10 - 12, R11 - 9, R12 - 8)

Finished: 34 (Overall - 3, N4 - 10, R10 - 9, R11 - 6, R12 - 6)


2017 Rally Masters Show Results


2017 Rally Masters Show Retirements

The seventh Rally Masters Show that took place on April 22 at the Olympic bicycle road in Moscow, had nearly everything: a representative entry list, battles for precious seconds, disappointing retirements, rain and even military machines…


The only rally competition which can be attended in Moscow and around (not to count amateur sprints) attracts motorsport fans within the city every year. Once again the spectators could see Evgeny Novikov, who has formally finished his professional career, at the wheel of an Audi Quattro replica, famous for last year’s dramatic ignition. Another Quattro was brought in by the guests from Latvia - brothers Ivars and Andris Velme. For the first time Jari Latvala was present at the event - father of the current works WRC Toyota driver Jari-Matti Latvala. Historic category featured three entries from the UK - David, Andrew and Michael Holland driving their very rare (for Russia) Ford Escort Mk1 and Mk2. A number of Lada entries of different levels of preparation was very impressive, where, traditionally, Baltic drivers were expected to be the ones to follow, although crews from Russia, Hungary and Germany were also present in the list. Some Moscow Classic Grand Prix cars were also on site.


The current edition track was made of a short special stage for spectators laid in front of the grandstands at the canoe channel, followed by the ‘carousel race’ in last year’s format through the Olympic bicycle road. Both special stages were to be driven twice.

Sadly, the event timetable was intervened by the unexpected factor: the first special stage had to be postponed for as long as 3 hours due to the column of military machines going through Krylatskaya street, which was a part of the liaison, as a part of preparations to the Victory day parade on May 9. But even the implied shortening of the program had no effect on stages length and the intensity of the competition. Although right by the new time of start the Krylatskoe Hills saw the first raindrops.


Slippery tarmac amended the rankings to its own taste. Nearly nobody could make the whole SS2 with no mistakes and spins, which only added to intrigue and entertainment.